Saturday, December 22, 2012

Falling in love with a CACTUS!

Its really funny that some love stories can be so short.  Worst the reason for break-off is so stupid that people find it hard to believe like a mere STUBBLE!

When Tia met Rajiv, his bronze skin tone, 6 foot something height, lean frame and not to forget his stubble, made her go head over heels. She thought that THIS was indeed the MAN for her. When they first started going on , things were really nice, the cozy hugs, the evening coffees, the long walks and little surprises. Tia would look forward to one call from Rajiv and would plan her day accordingly. They started going steady in November and had their first kiss on Tia's birthday, 30th November. This was something that Tia thought would be bliss and one to remember! Much to her dismay it felt like her face was being rubbed by a cactus...Yikes! She maintained her
silence like a lady and smiled after the kiss was over. He looked at her lovingly and said you are my angel...That was enough for her to forget the 'Cactus effect' and crave for his love even more....

On reaching home, Tia first hugged her mom. She was happy but a comment from her mom startled her. 'Tia why do you have red blemishes on your cheek and chin?' Tia replied 'Oh! nothing mom. could be some skin allergy... That was the first time I looked at my face and was aghast what a stuble could do to the tender skin on your face. The next time I met Rajiv I told him about Mom and laughed it out! We did laugh about it and kissed again. Yes! without a doubt the same 'CACTUS effect' Ughhhh! Even while we were on with it, my mind was wavering..'How do I tell him that this hurts, this is horrible...I feel yucky...what if you have lice? oh god...I was going insane.

After few weeks Tia realized that she did'nt  look forward to meeting Rajiv. Although she really liked him, the very thought of him....nudging her, rubbing his cheek against her skin...gave her creeps!!! She didn’t know what to do? Should she give him a Gillette Shaving kit? or Just maintain her distance? or Talk it out with him. She failed to understand that why could a handsome hunk like Rajiv not understand that SHAVING was as important as BRUSHING your teeth or taking a BATH.... her mind was exploding....she had confused feelings and thought it was important to take it up with him. So the D day finally comes, 31st December! When they met Rajiv was very happy! he came close to give Tia a peck on her cheek...and she immediately moved away. Tia could see the WHAT HAPPENED look on Rajiv's face...and he asked 'Is everything ok hon?' and Tia instantly replied NO!...then started the MUCH NEEDED CONVERSATION!!!

Tia told Rajiv...'It seems to me like I have falling in love with a CACTUS!!! as expected he exclaimed...HUH! and she replied 'Look whether you like it or not basically as much as your stubble looks is horrible! your pricky stubble makes me push you away every time you kiss me our bring it close to my skin. The very feeling that it is unkempt makes me feeling disgusted...Try to understand really hurts my skin and is a total turn-off!!! Rajiv was all aghast! He could'nt believe his ears...But the lucky gurl that Tia was she couldn't belive what he said next 'Hon you should have just told me....I hate it myself. Your friend Tamanna told me that you thought it looked smart that is why I would grow it...Damn!!! You know I love you so much that I was ready to have this 'THING' on my face... Tia could'nt belive my ears!!....Rajiv HATED the Cactus as much as she did...she wondered 'Gosh why did i wait so long.....Geez stupid me!' So after spending a while, they parted. By this time although it was the year end...they decided to meet early on the first ....NEW YEAR...NEW BEGNING! When the day dawned....Rajiv came to pick Tia up..this time clean to die for....MY KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR!!!! thought Tia...and thus they lived happily every after!

So this is what Tia do?...'Just talked to him how she felt....and got rid of the one thing that she hate the most....the CACTUS!!!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ghar ke nuske for straight & shiny hair!

I will lie if I say that 'I am not jealous of a girl with long straight tresses'.  Having scanty, dry, frizzy and wavy hair can be a big curse since your crowing glory defines you in some way or the other. Thankfully my Nanima, a naturalistic, shared different natural ways of getting your hair frizz free.

- A hot olive oil message twice a week does wonders to your hair. It makes your hair straight & shiny hair
- You could use aloevera juice on you scalp twice a week to give you the much needed shine and frizz free hair. Surprisingly your hair also straightens with regular application
- Nanima would make an oil with coconut oil, castor oil, some fenugreek seeds, kadi patta leaves, and badam oil. regularly applying this warm oil on your hair makes your hair straight & shiny.

Today I am happy that my nanima's nuske worked and today I have good straight shiny hair!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jealousy can turn you to a little Bitch

Thanks to the media today, we hear horrendous stories of crime committed simply because of jealousy. Initially it is hard to believe for the victim family that they have been wronged by the people they considered their own. Have you wondered why this happens? How does jealousy nurture in you? How and why you feed it and make it nice and plump ready enough to commit a crime so grave that there is no looking back.
I am no ‘preacher’ to preach that everyone must be happy in others happiness and ensure that at no given point must jealousy ever take over ourselves. Let’s face the fact that we are humans and are always hungry for more. If someone else gets something we wanted so bad, we refuse to see the hard work the other person has done to deserve it and simply ask’ Why him? Why not me?’ Now that is when the seed of jealousy germinates within you. Worst when you see people around you doing well and you, for whatever reasons, are not blessed with good luck, this seed starts taking root in your life. You will observe that there is a sudden change in your nature. Suddenly you are happy no more. You get more and more irritated by people around you let alone your friends. You will start getting irritated even with your family and start picking fights. From a straight forward person you become a gossip monger first. The idea is to know rubbish grapevine about the people you are jealous of. Why? Simply so that you can weave a story against them and make it so big that it overpowers their goodness or success. That’s the first step of harnessing jealousy. Worst if that does not tarnish their image, then you find reasons to fight with them. Now any good peace loving person would not want to get into a fight. However, if you are able to make this person fight in public and behave like the victim, wolah! Your mission is accomplished. The question is what do you do when the person you want to destroy does not retaliate. You adorn the cape of a witch. You create a bad situation involving someone close to the other person and blame the innocent person you are jealous of for the mishap… There are many other stories/facts which I have heard of and the ones I have listed out are the much lesser violent of. You will be surprised that one find day when you confront these kinds of maniacs, you will realize that they have so much venom for you that you are ashamed of ever knowing them. I have learnt the hard way to identify such maniacs thought my little litmus tests. Am sure you have come across them too. But you must identify such venomous creatures before it is too late.
What really worries me is the question is why? Just because your children are unhappy does it mean that other’s children have to be unhappy too? Just because you are not in good terms with your family, why does other’s family get together be an issue for you? Just because you are stingy enough not to buy a car why does the other person owning a car become an issue? There are too many why’s here but no one knows the real answer as why my life matters to you in the first place. Guess when people believe in Karma and simply do good, good will always come back fivefold. When they focus on simply doing well, and believe that the hardships are to make them strong, the happiness of others will never be a matter of jealousy for anyone.  At least my life has taught me this – Jealousy can be the root cause for all your unhappiness. Learn to acknowledge the happiness of others. Share your happiness as you share your sorrows and all will be well. Keep a watchful eye for the Trojans’ disguised as well-wishers, you will see signs, the sooner you track them the better!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Someday..Someway ..Together we will be…

Destiny can bring together people living on opposite poles friends..then lovers..then soul mates…its only faith that forces destiny to work its charm.
When you are single….never been in love, you often wonder has god created that someone special for you? As usual there is no answer from your gut. This uncertainty usually runs a shudder through my spine. However, somewhere in my heart I believe that its upto to me to want that someone so badly that nature has to send him to me. We will need to first meet..ignore or befriend each other. If we ignore then there should be multiple instances for us to met..and force to acknowledge each other. Hate each other if we have to ..but must have some emotional attachment..either love or hate.  Destiny has its beautiful course of giving you hints that ‘this is the person I choose for you’. Destiny is also kind enough to create situations in your life when you do realize this if you have missed it by any chance. The beauty of this entire drama is that you are being given a script..but you don’t know what is the end. You are given your part but you don’t know you are playing it. You have to play the emotions but it comes to you naturally…
Unknown are the ways you will meet your soul mate. Unknown are the ways you will realize. But it will happen. Small things will suddenly matter most to you.  You may purely ignore the first time you meet each other. The second time there could be some ‘side walk’ conversation. The third time you will develop eye contact. Gradually you would grow fond of that person to an extent that you wait in anticipation to speak or even get a glimpse of that person. You may force your self against it…try to avoid, ignore, be rude…but it wont work. The magic will soon engulf you and you will fall for each other for sure. Someday, someway..nature will bring you together!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How I saved my crowning glory!

My maid would always complain, ‘Madam! Aapka sar ke zyada zameen pe bal hai’. As much as I was furious at her comment it made me think that ‘Yes! There is a problem here and I need to sort it.
I immediately took an appointment with a dermatologist. Well there was a genuine problem here. I did have a scalp infection because of when, my hair roots were not getting the required nourishment. Furthermore, being a working woman I am exposed to pollution and work stress, which aggravated the situation. The doctor prescribed some medicines but said that I need to change my lifestyle and eating habits if I really want to have good and health crop of hair.
I came home and thought hard, what do I do? Can’t quite my job. Don’t really have time for spa treatments.  Then I went to my online ‘Guru Google’. I realized that we can bring about changes by simply practicing some good habits. Apparently, “Pranayams’ are very good. Spending 15 minutes every morning for pranayams can is a good stress buster. The second most important step is to keep your bowels clean. For this purpose, it is important to have good eating habits. Also to ensure that you eat atleast 2 hours before going to sleep. 7 hours of sleep is a must to keep yourself stress free. In your diet, include lots of fruits and vegetables. Try having a balanced diet. Exercise atleast 3 times a week.
My Nani always said that applying a paste of hibiscus or fenugreek (methi) on your scalp once a week keeps its healthy. Oiling hair with almond (badam) oil also rejuvenates your hair roots. After all this gyan, I decided to inculcate these into my life. Within 8 months, I started observing less hair fall. My hair quality started improving and today I have a short, but good crop of hair.
The good thing is that there are some products available in the market that save you a lot of time and are extremely trustworthy. It’s worth trying them out after all it’s your crowning glory, akka your tresses!

From my heart!

A plastic smile, a half-hearted congratulations, an evil smirk, an un-interested hand-shake or pat is what each one of us must have experienced some day or the other in our life. Am sure we must have also given these to some one or the other in our life! Ever thought that ‘isn’t it better that I don’t wish a person if I don’t really mean it’. I thought hard over it and have concluded that a ‘formality’ of wishing the person always creates an aura of negative energy around you. You need to be happy for the person from the heart, that’s when the radiance of their success will add to the positivity around you.

Yeah Yeah..Congradulations!

Feel the Warmth in the smile!

A Genuine Smile - Check her eyes
A Half-hearted Smile
Usually this is observed among WOMEN..Sorry, no offence but it is an undisputable fact. However, the most important woman in my life, My Mother, does not belong to this clan. It is in her that I see the genuine feeling of being happy for others during their successes.  They say that your eyes are the reflection of the actually feeling of your heart. Doubting it? Try stand in front of the mirror, think about the person you dislike the most in the world. Imagine that this person has won a lottery of a billion pounds! Check your facial expressions and more importantly, your eyes….the rest will be history.
Hope you know the concept of ID, EGO and SUPEREGO. Well for those who don’t, ID is the inner human trait that says ‘I Want this by hook or crook’. Usually criminals have this trait as a result of which they have negative tendencies. SUPEREGO is a human trait that says ‘We come alone and go alone therefore it makes no sense to yearn for materialistic happiness’. Saints usually have this trait. Now. EGO, is a perfect balance of ID and SUPEREGO that keeps you routed. Therefore, you yearn for things, work hard to achieve it and even if you don’t you come to terms with it or work even harder. Basically, EGO keeps you human. What you need to do is nurture your EGO to be positive. Train yourself to accept that you are human, failures are bound to happen. There is no short cut to success. You will need to strive to achieve your success.  When you see a successful person rather than thinking ‘How the hell did he managed to achieve this?’ or ‘He doesn’t deserve this’ or ‘Why him and not me’ try and tell yourself ‘He must have really worked hard to get this, I need to know what kept him going’ or ‘Great I need to learn from him ‘ or ‘Great atleast some are blessed to achieve this success, our time will come too’.
It takes lots of perseverance to train yourself. You will have to force yourself to give genuine feelings for the success by others. When you do that, you will be amazed that everything good happens to you. All the difficulties are lost somewhere. Moreover, you will experience a sense of lightness in your life since there will be only happiness around. Try it! It works!
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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Let Live The Child in Me

You are as old as you think you are. Age doesn’t really matter. This has sure worked for me. Many of us loose our childhood somewhere while running in the rat race. We seldom forget that there is something called as ‘Me time’ which could as stupid as sitting on a swing in a park, making sand castles, playing hop-scotch, lagori, sakli, khoko, tug-of-war, hide-n-seek or simply dancing in the rain. Whether you like it or not, there is always a child in you that will make you do the silliest thing and give you a sense of immense happiness that you cannot fathom.

I remember not carrying an umbrella one day and to my dismay, it rained heavily that evening. Instead of enjoying the cool breeze and cold water gushing on my face, I was irritated. To add to my problems, I did not get a single rickshaw or bus from the railway station to my home. Therefore, I started walking home, which by the way is a 20-minute walk. 5 minutes into the walking and my mind started questioning me, why are you so grumpy? Have forgotten how happy you would feel as a kid to get wet in the rain? What is stopping you from enjoying every second of this moment? Are you wondering what people will think of you? At that moment, I realized that yes, maybe I am giving so much importance to what others think of me that I have forgotten how to live that moment. In a jiffy, I took of my shoes, removed the scarf from my head and started walking. A little ahead, I seen a puddle of water and did exactly what my heart told me….yes I jumped into the puddle splashing water all around. Gosh, it was so much fun. From then onwards, I made it a point to care ‘less’ about what the world thinks and do exactly what I want to do. This has changed my perspective towards life . I decided to keep the kid in me alive come what may. I enjoyed everything from playing enrolling for classical dancing which was my passion, learning with 4 year olds, playing holi with the kids using all possible techno colors, licking my fingers if the food was yummy………the list is too long to mention!

Another incident that is fresh in my mind is when I caught up with my school friends. The amazing bit was that we were back to being those cute teenagers, all in giggles, hugging and cuddling each other. Sharing whereabouts and all other information about all the chaps we knew. Decided to ‘sing’ a birthday song for our friend loudly. We were laughing throughout the evening and little did we realize that we were happy simply because we had unleashed the ‘kid’ in us.

Happiness is what makes every cell in your body vibrant. Happiness is when you play with you kid and laugh at their jokes ‘loud and clear’. Happiness is when you play oranges-n-lemon with your friends and they fight when they get caught. Happiness is when you don’t hesitate to lick your fingers while eating a mango even though you are wearing a professional attire. Happiness is when you don’t hesitate to climb up a tree and steal a mango even when your 30. If the kid in you is alive, your metabolism will always be at its peak. The child in you will always bring the ‘true and honest’ version of yourself. You will not have to make extra efforts to convince people about what you think or who you are. Live a happy fulfilling life, search for the child in you. I am happy coz I have still kept alive the child in me!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Lovers meet but never mate!

They say love is a heart thing! When you know this is the person, a nerve in your heart simply stretches or relaxes for you to know Oh! I did feel something for him/her. Am I in Love? You must have come across people in your life fitting the description of your perfect match or should I say you would love to LOVE!. But…and there is a big BUT…you never end up spending the rest of your life with him/her. They just become the past...maybe a good or bad memory. I often think, if they were never meant to be then why god destines for us to us cross paths with them. Why did he show us a mirage that we could never have. Ideally, if this is the so-called perfect person at the surface who actually is a horrendous chap inside, it would have been a happy realization to ‘not have been with him/her’. But, if that is not the case, then why does god create this destiny where this person moves far and I mean very far from you. He/she seems like the moon, which brings light into the darkness of the night..but when reality hits, you simply can’t see it.
They say as you grow older your preferences change. And what are these so called preferences, wealth, persona, intelligence, physical appearances, pleasure, enjoyment..and many others. Surprisingly, every time your preferences change, you do cross paths with this perfect person.  However at that point, he/she seems unreachable. Worst sometimes you say something so foolish that even if he/she considers you, you blow the entire relationship, which could blossom into something beautiful.  I guess a case worst than this is you meet the person when you are sitting with the person you have decided to commit you life you. The dilemma you go through cannot be fathomed. The mental and emotional trauma is inevitable. What do you do then? Leave the person you know since a long time who may not be your lover but will be your mate through thick and thin? Or tell your heart, he/she may be my lover at the face of it but I am not sure. I’d rather be with the person who ‘I know in my head’ will lead the way when I am direction less, will give a shoulder to cry when I am distressed, will wipe my tears when I am in sorrow, will understand my needs even when I don’t share it. The conflict inside you will continue until eternity. However, you will never tend to get the answer. On the other hand, I have seen people who know that this person is right for me but never really have the courage to walk up to them and say that they do. The only fear is ‘rejection’. But, is rejection the only reason? It could be ‘ego’ ‘inferiority complex’ or sheer incapability to express their views. Sad part is no one really thinks about it and simple let the opportunity pass away. Luck are those people who marry the person they love, unlucky are those whose love ‘evaporates’ once they are committed.  But how would you categorise first those people who never accept or worst don’t know that ‘this is the person who I love’ and second those who don’t pay heed to the feelings of the people who they love simply because they have some fears that they cannot overcome.  It could be a bad experience or some preconceived notion. They never want to give that second chance and simple live at the mercy of fate. If they knew somehow that reciprocation is also ‘love’ there could be a chance of a beautiful tomorrow for them. Wonder when we sit at the prime of our life, would we be lucky enough to have that one person sitting next to us who we know is our lover. But we all know….there are only Ifs and Buts …since most of the time - lovers meet but never mate!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Falling in love with the wrong person!

Opposites attract…we must have heard this phrase over a million times. As a matter of fact if we look at couples around us, we observe that every individual in the couple has opposite traits of the other. Then the question is how in the world did these guys meet? Why of all people did they choose each other? What is the underlying feeling of falling in love with the person who you are not? Is it destiny to fall in love with the wrong person?
I must share one such conversation, which quite amused me. I met an old family friend who is nearing 80 years. I had the good luck of spending quality time with him during one of my visits to his place. He worked in a bank all his life. Lived a very systematic life, likes to maintain a strict regime, plan agendas, ensure to dress-up prim and proper, loves to eat good food, loves to travel and most importantly keep himself busy. Its obvious, given his age, that he had an arranged marriage. He married a beautiful looking happy go lucky girl, 10 years his junior. Being quite simple, she never really bothered to dress up prim and proper from head to toe, she hated cooking and travelling and loved to sleep and laze around. Stunned? Well this is the fact. They spent the next 50 years of their life together and never really fought until now. Do you want to know why? Well till he was hale and hearty, he would always go out on his own, eat out whenever he felt like, caught up with his brothers  for a drink and lived life on his own terms. Thus indicating that he himself was capable to suffice his needs and wants. But there came a time when he had to undergo an operation and his movement was restricted. He had to rely on his wife and children for many basic things. That’s when he got time to think about how his life had progressed and he realized that he did not fulfill any of his wishes. prior to his retirement, he had planned to visit a lot of places after his tenure.But alas! since his wife was not interested and prefered to stay at home, that plan did not materalised. At the dawn of his life he realized that all his life he was married to the wrong person and wished that he met one person who would share his interests, someone with to have a 'heart-to-heart- conversation and be his friend in his old age.
Another such case is that of a very close friend of mine. She is a person who doesn’t really have a check list. Prior to her marriage she believed that when the time is right, her man will come in her life.  She however always knew that she would anyday prefer marrying a person who refrained from smoking and drinking, be witty and predictable.  Guess what, she fell in love with a person who loves drinking (but not an alcoholic), loves smoking (is a complete chimeny), is quite shy but few pegs down and his emerges to have the persona of a different person altogether. But yes! she did take the plunge! I must say that he is a wonderful human being though but nothing like I envisaged she would get married too. When I look at her today being happily married (touchwood), I ask myself over ten thousand times, how did she know he was right for her when everything about him, 'according to her in him' was wrong. Someone once told me that ‘Lovers meet but never mate ; Fate will always introduce you to the other lover’ and now after looking at such fantastic examples, I truly believe in this. I have also agreed with what my mom always tells me ‘Couples are made in Heaven, someone somewhere is always there for you. When you meet him/her you will be surprised. Obviously since they are topsy-turvy version of what you thought your life partner would be!’ So don't shy away from meeting the person who is 'not your type' for all you know, he may the 'wrong' in your eyes...but the 'right' person for you!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fun Time at the beach

If someone says, ‘Oh! You have got a wonderful tan’ to a person belong to a country obsessed with fair skin, it is not usually taken well since the interpretation is ‘you skin is looking awful’. This is one of the main reasons, why many of us refrain from enjoying a good summer afternoon on the beach.

I remember earlier on any such even where we have had a blast enjoying on the beach, my mother would keep a small bowl of besan-dhai for us to bathe. The reason is obvious Mumma’s perception - dark girls don’t get good boys! Today however, we should really thankful to the persistent effort of the R&D scientists working with cosmetic companies, we have wonder anti tan products, which have changed these perceptions. So don’t shy away. You want a testimony, I will give you one.

Last week I was at my hometown Mangalore. There are lush clean beaches with the whitest sand I have ever seen, Panamboor beach, Mulki Beach, Kapu Beach, Maple Beach to name some. I had the good luck of spending some time on each of the thankfully. By far the best experience was at the Mulki beach, which is less commercialized. We got into our shorts, packed our picnic bags with sandwiches, fruits, drinks and other basic necessities and rode off to the beach. What we didn’t know is our cousins had planned a fantastic playground for us. As we entered the lane to land on the beach, we were mesmerized by the beauty of the sea, the clear sky, the spotless beach shinning in the morning sun. The most amazing part was the small volleyball court created by my cousins. At the border of the court were some small mats neatly laid for the spectators. We were quite impressed must say. As we started settling down, we rubbed our skin with sunscreens & anti tan lotions and lay down on the mats to get as much Vitamin D as possible, a rare commodity for us city dwellers. After a while, I joined the gang to play volleyball and boy we had a blast.

We girls decided to go on a long stroll on the beach, and the boys decided to go for a swim. After a while the boys said, why don’t we take a stroll in the sea? I exclaimed ’What?” how in the world could we do that. However, we actually did. For a five feet five inches tall person, walking in five feet deep water is sure a suicidal mission. However, people, I actually did. Walking against the force of the waves, having big waves splash on your face and sometimes over your head is frightening. However, it felt fantastic!

When we decided to return to the shore, we realized that all the sun protection stolen by the seawater, we thought we would have got the darkest shade of brown on our skin. However, to our surprise, the tan could be hardly seen. I must say that if you really want to enjoy summer, go to a beach and chill!

Monday, March 12, 2012

'Chalta Hai' ab nahi chalega

Being a Mumbaiet…am sure you understand that I would like change everything from the pin to the airplane here. However, I know it’s an impossible task to achieve. Thought it would be best to change the root cause of all miseries a Mumbaikar faces i.e. the ‘Chalta Hai attitude’.
There are many instances where this ‘Care a Damn’ is seen which makes me think that somewhere we have come to terms with many things in our life. We have been overtaken by this feeling to an extent that we are ‘OK’ to live like cattle, we are ‘OK’ to be manhandled more over we are now ‘OK’ to accept all misdoings as ‘FATE’. Let me give you a preview of some actions that indicate that we have indeed adopted the flock mentality. Seen people throwing their empty packet of chips the road and commenting when you looking at them ‘Chalta hai re..itna kachra to hai…ek mere packet se kya hoga?’. Common comments when guys are seen eve teasing girls, ‘ Yeh Mumbai hai yaha par to sab hota rahta hai, chalta hai’. Am sure must have seen completely civilized people flock around the bus and push people aside while entering a bus. Don’t quite know what made the so called queue before the bus arrive completely go berserk. Bonified passengers telling fellow bonified passengers when they see people with children & baggage shamelessly get into the first class compartment without a train ticket, ‘Chalta hai, bachha hai na, galti se chad gaye honge’. Worst, if you try asking the person why he jumped the queue, he says, ‘Kaun Line me tha…idhar aisa hi chalta hai’. But the epitome of the chalta hai attitude is when in your own country in certain places, you are told in restaurants, ‘We only serve foreigners’ and you gracefully leave without uttering a words you demonstrate how you immune you have become.
I would like to change this ‘Chalta Hai’ attitude of people and tell them you are. If you see someone throw a wrapper, make them pick it up and throw it in the dustbin. If you see goons eve teasing, make that anonymous call to the police station and get them arrested. Tell the bus conductor to as all those who have jumped the queue to get off the bus and alight again. Don’t allow the ticket less to alight in the first place. If they do make sure you tell them to get off on the next station. Last but not the least, if any restaurant says that ‘ we serve only foreigners’ report them. Make sure that they apologies for their behavior. You need to respect and love your own kin first and then the world is what they need to be taught.
Well at the top of my head, I thought if I change this basic attitude, we can life our lives chin up!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Brainy Adolf Hitler Quotes and reality

I came across some fantastic/brainy quotes by Adolf Hilter and surprisingly I agree with many of those. So the quotes go this way:

1. Great liars are also great magicians. (Isnt it true! Thats how people make money by marketing their not so good products and make millions)

2. Hate is more lasting than dislike. (Maybe thats why family and racial feuds last for generations.)

3.He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future. ( we know how the politicians can cause instant riots)

4. How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think. (Hitlerji were you referring to India by any chance???)

5.Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice. (That explains why you were hunted for and shot down Mr. Hitler...u are a perfect example of stupidity & cowardice...but were you a humanitariaan? Am sure no one would agree)

6.It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge. (So true just imagine the blind faith people follow which is strong enough to motivate them to blow themselves up in public and kill millions)

7.It is not truth that matters, but victory.(Really? On second thoughts could be true since people sure remember winners & like to be with the rising sun)

8. Strength lies not in defence but in attack.(Isnt it good to survive all odds & stay alive rather than attack and die?)

9.Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong.(In the professional world TRUE! TRUE! TRUE!)

10.The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one. (Now I know why politicians & so called knowledgeble teachers of religions organise huge meets for free and give away damn good freebies)

Imagine these are just few quotes I came up with which have made me think over and over again...that despite being knowledgable we find complete pleasure in being fooled. We are unable to uncover or recognise the facts or faults in the society & raise an alarm or for that matter raise our voice against injustice. Have we learnt to live with a lie?