Saturday, December 22, 2012

Falling in love with a CACTUS!

Its really funny that some love stories can be so short.  Worst the reason for break-off is so stupid that people find it hard to believe like a mere STUBBLE!

When Tia met Rajiv, his bronze skin tone, 6 foot something height, lean frame and not to forget his stubble, made her go head over heels. She thought that THIS was indeed the MAN for her. When they first started going on , things were really nice, the cozy hugs, the evening coffees, the long walks and little surprises. Tia would look forward to one call from Rajiv and would plan her day accordingly. They started going steady in November and had their first kiss on Tia's birthday, 30th November. This was something that Tia thought would be bliss and one to remember! Much to her dismay it felt like her face was being rubbed by a cactus...Yikes! She maintained her
silence like a lady and smiled after the kiss was over. He looked at her lovingly and said you are my angel...That was enough for her to forget the 'Cactus effect' and crave for his love even more....

On reaching home, Tia first hugged her mom. She was happy but a comment from her mom startled her. 'Tia why do you have red blemishes on your cheek and chin?' Tia replied 'Oh! nothing mom. could be some skin allergy... That was the first time I looked at my face and was aghast what a stuble could do to the tender skin on your face. The next time I met Rajiv I told him about Mom and laughed it out! We did laugh about it and kissed again. Yes! without a doubt the same 'CACTUS effect' Ughhhh! Even while we were on with it, my mind was wavering..'How do I tell him that this hurts, this is horrible...I feel yucky...what if you have lice? oh god...I was going insane.

After few weeks Tia realized that she did'nt  look forward to meeting Rajiv. Although she really liked him, the very thought of him....nudging her, rubbing his cheek against her skin...gave her creeps!!! She didn’t know what to do? Should she give him a Gillette Shaving kit? or Just maintain her distance? or Talk it out with him. She failed to understand that why could a handsome hunk like Rajiv not understand that SHAVING was as important as BRUSHING your teeth or taking a BATH.... her mind was exploding....she had confused feelings and thought it was important to take it up with him. So the D day finally comes, 31st December! When they met Rajiv was very happy! he came close to give Tia a peck on her cheek...and she immediately moved away. Tia could see the WHAT HAPPENED look on Rajiv's face...and he asked 'Is everything ok hon?' and Tia instantly replied NO!...then started the MUCH NEEDED CONVERSATION!!!

Tia told Rajiv...'It seems to me like I have falling in love with a CACTUS!!! as expected he exclaimed...HUH! and she replied 'Look whether you like it or not basically as much as your stubble looks is horrible! your pricky stubble makes me push you away every time you kiss me our bring it close to my skin. The very feeling that it is unkempt makes me feeling disgusted...Try to understand really hurts my skin and is a total turn-off!!! Rajiv was all aghast! He could'nt believe his ears...But the lucky gurl that Tia was she couldn't belive what he said next 'Hon you should have just told me....I hate it myself. Your friend Tamanna told me that you thought it looked smart that is why I would grow it...Damn!!! You know I love you so much that I was ready to have this 'THING' on my face... Tia could'nt belive my ears!!....Rajiv HATED the Cactus as much as she did...she wondered 'Gosh why did i wait so long.....Geez stupid me!' So after spending a while, they parted. By this time although it was the year end...they decided to meet early on the first ....NEW YEAR...NEW BEGNING! When the day dawned....Rajiv came to pick Tia up..this time clean to die for....MY KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR!!!! thought Tia...and thus they lived happily every after!

So this is what Tia do?...'Just talked to him how she felt....and got rid of the one thing that she hate the most....the CACTUS!!!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ghar ke nuske for straight & shiny hair!

I will lie if I say that 'I am not jealous of a girl with long straight tresses'.  Having scanty, dry, frizzy and wavy hair can be a big curse since your crowing glory defines you in some way or the other. Thankfully my Nanima, a naturalistic, shared different natural ways of getting your hair frizz free.

- A hot olive oil message twice a week does wonders to your hair. It makes your hair straight & shiny hair
- You could use aloevera juice on you scalp twice a week to give you the much needed shine and frizz free hair. Surprisingly your hair also straightens with regular application
- Nanima would make an oil with coconut oil, castor oil, some fenugreek seeds, kadi patta leaves, and badam oil. regularly applying this warm oil on your hair makes your hair straight & shiny.

Today I am happy that my nanima's nuske worked and today I have good straight shiny hair!