Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How I saved my crowning glory!

My maid would always complain, ‘Madam! Aapka sar ke zyada zameen pe bal hai’. As much as I was furious at her comment it made me think that ‘Yes! There is a problem here and I need to sort it.
I immediately took an appointment with a dermatologist. Well there was a genuine problem here. I did have a scalp infection because of when, my hair roots were not getting the required nourishment. Furthermore, being a working woman I am exposed to pollution and work stress, which aggravated the situation. The doctor prescribed some medicines but said that I need to change my lifestyle and eating habits if I really want to have good and health crop of hair.
I came home and thought hard, what do I do? Can’t quite my job. Don’t really have time for spa treatments.  Then I went to my online ‘Guru Google’. I realized that we can bring about changes by simply practicing some good habits. Apparently, “Pranayams’ are very good. Spending 15 minutes every morning for pranayams can is a good stress buster. The second most important step is to keep your bowels clean. For this purpose, it is important to have good eating habits. Also to ensure that you eat atleast 2 hours before going to sleep. 7 hours of sleep is a must to keep yourself stress free. In your diet, include lots of fruits and vegetables. Try having a balanced diet. Exercise atleast 3 times a week.
My Nani always said that applying a paste of hibiscus or fenugreek (methi) on your scalp once a week keeps its healthy. Oiling hair with almond (badam) oil also rejuvenates your hair roots. After all this gyan, I decided to inculcate these into my life. Within 8 months, I started observing less hair fall. My hair quality started improving and today I have a short, but good crop of hair.
The good thing is that there are some products available in the market that save you a lot of time and are extremely trustworthy. It’s worth trying them out after all it’s your crowning glory, akka your tresses!

From my heart!

A plastic smile, a half-hearted congratulations, an evil smirk, an un-interested hand-shake or pat is what each one of us must have experienced some day or the other in our life. Am sure we must have also given these to some one or the other in our life! Ever thought that ‘isn’t it better that I don’t wish a person if I don’t really mean it’. I thought hard over it and have concluded that a ‘formality’ of wishing the person always creates an aura of negative energy around you. You need to be happy for the person from the heart, that’s when the radiance of their success will add to the positivity around you.

Yeah Yeah..Congradulations!

Feel the Warmth in the smile!

A Genuine Smile - Check her eyes
A Half-hearted Smile
Usually this is observed among WOMEN..Sorry, no offence but it is an undisputable fact. However, the most important woman in my life, My Mother, does not belong to this clan. It is in her that I see the genuine feeling of being happy for others during their successes.  They say that your eyes are the reflection of the actually feeling of your heart. Doubting it? Try stand in front of the mirror, think about the person you dislike the most in the world. Imagine that this person has won a lottery of a billion pounds! Check your facial expressions and more importantly, your eyes….the rest will be history.
Hope you know the concept of ID, EGO and SUPEREGO. Well for those who don’t, ID is the inner human trait that says ‘I Want this by hook or crook’. Usually criminals have this trait as a result of which they have negative tendencies. SUPEREGO is a human trait that says ‘We come alone and go alone therefore it makes no sense to yearn for materialistic happiness’. Saints usually have this trait. Now. EGO, is a perfect balance of ID and SUPEREGO that keeps you routed. Therefore, you yearn for things, work hard to achieve it and even if you don’t you come to terms with it or work even harder. Basically, EGO keeps you human. What you need to do is nurture your EGO to be positive. Train yourself to accept that you are human, failures are bound to happen. There is no short cut to success. You will need to strive to achieve your success.  When you see a successful person rather than thinking ‘How the hell did he managed to achieve this?’ or ‘He doesn’t deserve this’ or ‘Why him and not me’ try and tell yourself ‘He must have really worked hard to get this, I need to know what kept him going’ or ‘Great I need to learn from him ‘ or ‘Great atleast some are blessed to achieve this success, our time will come too’.
It takes lots of perseverance to train yourself. You will have to force yourself to give genuine feelings for the success by others. When you do that, you will be amazed that everything good happens to you. All the difficulties are lost somewhere. Moreover, you will experience a sense of lightness in your life since there will be only happiness around. Try it! It works!
Note: Pictures Courtesy Google!