Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How I saved my crowning glory!

My maid would always complain, ‘Madam! Aapka sar ke zyada zameen pe bal hai’. As much as I was furious at her comment it made me think that ‘Yes! There is a problem here and I need to sort it.
I immediately took an appointment with a dermatologist. Well there was a genuine problem here. I did have a scalp infection because of when, my hair roots were not getting the required nourishment. Furthermore, being a working woman I am exposed to pollution and work stress, which aggravated the situation. The doctor prescribed some medicines but said that I need to change my lifestyle and eating habits if I really want to have good and health crop of hair.
I came home and thought hard, what do I do? Can’t quite my job. Don’t really have time for spa treatments.  Then I went to my online ‘Guru Google’. I realized that we can bring about changes by simply practicing some good habits. Apparently, “Pranayams’ are very good. Spending 15 minutes every morning for pranayams can is a good stress buster. The second most important step is to keep your bowels clean. For this purpose, it is important to have good eating habits. Also to ensure that you eat atleast 2 hours before going to sleep. 7 hours of sleep is a must to keep yourself stress free. In your diet, include lots of fruits and vegetables. Try having a balanced diet. Exercise atleast 3 times a week.
My Nani always said that applying a paste of hibiscus or fenugreek (methi) on your scalp once a week keeps its healthy. Oiling hair with almond (badam) oil also rejuvenates your hair roots. After all this gyan, I decided to inculcate these into my life. Within 8 months, I started observing less hair fall. My hair quality started improving and today I have a short, but good crop of hair.
The good thing is that there are some products available in the market that save you a lot of time and are extremely trustworthy. It’s worth trying them out after all it’s your crowning glory, akka your tresses!