Monday, March 12, 2012

'Chalta Hai' ab nahi chalega

Being a Mumbaiet…am sure you understand that I would like change everything from the pin to the airplane here. However, I know it’s an impossible task to achieve. Thought it would be best to change the root cause of all miseries a Mumbaikar faces i.e. the ‘Chalta Hai attitude’.
There are many instances where this ‘Care a Damn’ is seen which makes me think that somewhere we have come to terms with many things in our life. We have been overtaken by this feeling to an extent that we are ‘OK’ to live like cattle, we are ‘OK’ to be manhandled more over we are now ‘OK’ to accept all misdoings as ‘FATE’. Let me give you a preview of some actions that indicate that we have indeed adopted the flock mentality. Seen people throwing their empty packet of chips the road and commenting when you looking at them ‘Chalta hai re..itna kachra to hai…ek mere packet se kya hoga?’. Common comments when guys are seen eve teasing girls, ‘ Yeh Mumbai hai yaha par to sab hota rahta hai, chalta hai’. Am sure must have seen completely civilized people flock around the bus and push people aside while entering a bus. Don’t quite know what made the so called queue before the bus arrive completely go berserk. Bonified passengers telling fellow bonified passengers when they see people with children & baggage shamelessly get into the first class compartment without a train ticket, ‘Chalta hai, bachha hai na, galti se chad gaye honge’. Worst, if you try asking the person why he jumped the queue, he says, ‘Kaun Line me tha…idhar aisa hi chalta hai’. But the epitome of the chalta hai attitude is when in your own country in certain places, you are told in restaurants, ‘We only serve foreigners’ and you gracefully leave without uttering a words you demonstrate how you immune you have become.
I would like to change this ‘Chalta Hai’ attitude of people and tell them you are. If you see someone throw a wrapper, make them pick it up and throw it in the dustbin. If you see goons eve teasing, make that anonymous call to the police station and get them arrested. Tell the bus conductor to as all those who have jumped the queue to get off the bus and alight again. Don’t allow the ticket less to alight in the first place. If they do make sure you tell them to get off on the next station. Last but not the least, if any restaurant says that ‘ we serve only foreigners’ report them. Make sure that they apologies for their behavior. You need to respect and love your own kin first and then the world is what they need to be taught.
Well at the top of my head, I thought if I change this basic attitude, we can life our lives chin up!