Saturday, April 20, 2013

Will Capital Punishment for Rapists help?

Every time an incident like a minor’s rape, brutal sexual assault and dowry deaths are reported and the convict gets away, I ask a simple question to myself does India really deserve democracy? Would India be a different country if we had monarchy or President’s rule like back in the 1970’s.

The reaction: "If you thought just bringing in a new law will stop crimes, your are wrong. They will reduce, but won't stop. You need community policing to stop these crimes," activist Kiran Bedi told an Indian TV channel.  Nation-wide protests are being observed, the parents of the child are absconding, the prime minister is grieved, and film starts are tweeting their thoughts or updating their FB status with short poems. But will this help?

I have often wondered why are the accused escorted with their faces covered the whole world must see their faces and they must be defamed. This could be my anger and resent speaking but can someone for once think rationally what can be done to deter people from committing such hideous crimes? How can we as alert citizens at every level contribute and try our level best to save children & women.  In many countries in abroad, people (irrespective) of the age are convicted to 25 years of imprisonment for having physical relationships with minors even if it is consensual.  If they are convinced of rape worst murder, the imprisonment will be far harsher. But what has India done so far? A person in the recent past with psychotic tendencies was put in juvenile court because he was underaged? Why has our judiciary system not for once thought of amending the age-old laws. Times have changed and so should our laws don’t you think so?
There are very limited editions in our laws since our independence, with such incidents my belief in the law and order system just gets diminished by the day. Even if the system proposes capital punishment, it seems highly unlikely these incidents will stop. Wondering whether the middle-eastern law of stoning ht accused with work? Honestly, the crime is so grave that the darkest things come to mine when deciding what punishment would be best.

For now, it seems like we the common men and women must now step up! We will have to take the law and order in our hands to show that we are not meek and if anyone and I mean ANYONE touches our children or women, they will have to face the brunt of the public. The government must take quick steps or there could be an uprising……