Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jealousy can turn you to a little Bitch

Thanks to the media today, we hear horrendous stories of crime committed simply because of jealousy. Initially it is hard to believe for the victim family that they have been wronged by the people they considered their own. Have you wondered why this happens? How does jealousy nurture in you? How and why you feed it and make it nice and plump ready enough to commit a crime so grave that there is no looking back.
I am no ‘preacher’ to preach that everyone must be happy in others happiness and ensure that at no given point must jealousy ever take over ourselves. Let’s face the fact that we are humans and are always hungry for more. If someone else gets something we wanted so bad, we refuse to see the hard work the other person has done to deserve it and simply ask’ Why him? Why not me?’ Now that is when the seed of jealousy germinates within you. Worst when you see people around you doing well and you, for whatever reasons, are not blessed with good luck, this seed starts taking root in your life. You will observe that there is a sudden change in your nature. Suddenly you are happy no more. You get more and more irritated by people around you let alone your friends. You will start getting irritated even with your family and start picking fights. From a straight forward person you become a gossip monger first. The idea is to know rubbish grapevine about the people you are jealous of. Why? Simply so that you can weave a story against them and make it so big that it overpowers their goodness or success. That’s the first step of harnessing jealousy. Worst if that does not tarnish their image, then you find reasons to fight with them. Now any good peace loving person would not want to get into a fight. However, if you are able to make this person fight in public and behave like the victim, wolah! Your mission is accomplished. The question is what do you do when the person you want to destroy does not retaliate. You adorn the cape of a witch. You create a bad situation involving someone close to the other person and blame the innocent person you are jealous of for the mishap… There are many other stories/facts which I have heard of and the ones I have listed out are the much lesser violent of. You will be surprised that one find day when you confront these kinds of maniacs, you will realize that they have so much venom for you that you are ashamed of ever knowing them. I have learnt the hard way to identify such maniacs thought my little litmus tests. Am sure you have come across them too. But you must identify such venomous creatures before it is too late.
What really worries me is the question is why? Just because your children are unhappy does it mean that other’s children have to be unhappy too? Just because you are not in good terms with your family, why does other’s family get together be an issue for you? Just because you are stingy enough not to buy a car why does the other person owning a car become an issue? There are too many why’s here but no one knows the real answer as why my life matters to you in the first place. Guess when people believe in Karma and simply do good, good will always come back fivefold. When they focus on simply doing well, and believe that the hardships are to make them strong, the happiness of others will never be a matter of jealousy for anyone.  At least my life has taught me this – Jealousy can be the root cause for all your unhappiness. Learn to acknowledge the happiness of others. Share your happiness as you share your sorrows and all will be well. Keep a watchful eye for the Trojans’ disguised as well-wishers, you will see signs, the sooner you track them the better!