Thursday, November 21, 2013

An ideal day of love for me would be….

Love has never happened to me…surprising but true! I still believe that love would make me weak in my knees…would overwhelm me…would give me a sense of fulfillment. But this has never happened…So if you think I am not good enough to write about LOVE, guess you are right. But I think I could definitely share my perspective of love or rather what my idea day of love would be for me…so here I go!

To be able to understand without being expressed, to feel beautiful in the eyes of your lover even if you are in your shorts and T-shirt, to able to feel the pain without experiencing it, to be able to have a conversation without talking, to be able to enjoy each other’s company even without saying a single word, to be able to love the mischief even though it is annoying and last but not the least to ACCEPT despite all the flaws is LOVE for me.

Having said this, a perfect day of love for me would begin with lazing next to my LOVE in bed and saying good morning with a peck without bothering about the plaque or bad breadth. This could follow with seeing a big bouquet of red roses on the bed with a post it (meet me at the balcony)  when I come out of the shower. Then sharing a big break-fast from one plate feeding each other, preferably on a balcony facing the sea! When I finish and go for a change (a beautiful dress in my wardrobe with I want to see you in this in the evening tag – and of course I love you written). Later, indulge in some good couple activities which gives both adventure and fun, although I would rather love to go on a yacht alone in the sea just the two of us, but since I don’t know to swim, I’d rather keep it on land ;)

An evening would be going for a good ride on a bike to a destination riding forever letting the breeze sink into my hair. But hey, it would be to a place where I love, a place where there are flowers around, a beautiful garden with a water fall or a pond with happy faces everywhere. We walk hand in hand on the paths in this garden laughing away and looking at happy faces. Sit on a bench snuggled in each other’s arms.  Leave when it is night fall. Slip in to the beautiful dress he gifted and go on a long drive to a place where we can see the clear sky and the moon light. Sit on the bonnet of the car and watch it with awe. We get into a conversation of how beautiful this is and he pops the QUESTION, I smile and say YES. 

In a nutshell, my ideal day of love would be when I find SOMEONE’s hand that FIT’S MINE. 

Don’t need to get high to have FUN!

Booze, cigarettes, drugs are the personified habits of today’s youth to have fun. If not that then sharing some stupid videos or playing on gadgets have replaced good outdoor activities to have fun. Gone are the days when friends would meet-up play the  guitar, have some munckins share their experiences and sip Coke or Pepsi till the wee hours of morning and call it a FUN night spent with friends.

Looking at the changing trends I often feel like an era has passed by. Unless you are exposed to blasting music, drinks etc. no party is worthwhile not to mention the expenditure of atleast Rs.3000 for that one night of pleasure.  Not to mention the harm it does to our bodies and the repercussion it has on our work lives.

Imagine a day when you have all your friends around, you play all the games you played at kids, someone plays the guitar and all of you hum the song, play ‘truth & dare’ and make complete idiots of yourself, dance to your favorite movies, jive with your friends or teach them too and retire to bed thereafter. You will wake up more refreshed than ever in the morning and will be surprised at the joy you have in your heart.  If you indulge in activities like a barbecue or a campfire or an adventure sports or a trek, it could give you the high you cannot fathom. Although you may be living close to a sanctuary you will never feel like riding a bicycle and take some good clicks with your friends, or pack a picnic basket and plan a gateway with your friends. Its surprising again how the definition of having FUN has changed. I would love to re-live FUN in the true sense.

Do you think this could happen?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Will Capital Punishment for Rapists help?

Every time an incident like a minor’s rape, brutal sexual assault and dowry deaths are reported and the convict gets away, I ask a simple question to myself does India really deserve democracy? Would India be a different country if we had monarchy or President’s rule like back in the 1970’s.

The reaction: "If you thought just bringing in a new law will stop crimes, your are wrong. They will reduce, but won't stop. You need community policing to stop these crimes," activist Kiran Bedi told an Indian TV channel.  Nation-wide protests are being observed, the parents of the child are absconding, the prime minister is grieved, and film starts are tweeting their thoughts or updating their FB status with short poems. But will this help?

I have often wondered why are the accused escorted with their faces covered the whole world must see their faces and they must be defamed. This could be my anger and resent speaking but can someone for once think rationally what can be done to deter people from committing such hideous crimes? How can we as alert citizens at every level contribute and try our level best to save children & women.  In many countries in abroad, people (irrespective) of the age are convicted to 25 years of imprisonment for having physical relationships with minors even if it is consensual.  If they are convinced of rape worst murder, the imprisonment will be far harsher. But what has India done so far? A person in the recent past with psychotic tendencies was put in juvenile court because he was underaged? Why has our judiciary system not for once thought of amending the age-old laws. Times have changed and so should our laws don’t you think so?
There are very limited editions in our laws since our independence, with such incidents my belief in the law and order system just gets diminished by the day. Even if the system proposes capital punishment, it seems highly unlikely these incidents will stop. Wondering whether the middle-eastern law of stoning ht accused with work? Honestly, the crime is so grave that the darkest things come to mine when deciding what punishment would be best.

For now, it seems like we the common men and women must now step up! We will have to take the law and order in our hands to show that we are not meek and if anyone and I mean ANYONE touches our children or women, they will have to face the brunt of the public. The government must take quick steps or there could be an uprising……

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Haunted for life…..

If you think this blog is about a ghost then you are wrong! It occurred to me last night that we say/do so many things during our life, knowingly & unknowingly, that makes us regret for the rest of lives. These deeds or words of ours, although not literally meant, do not permit us to undo thereby scaring us till eternity.
I am sure many of you must have experienced this but I particularly remember this since I miss my dad a lot and there are some things that I said which I cannot undo and I wish to god I had not been so awful.  Our parents bear the brunt the most and so do our siblings.

I am sure many of you in a fit of anger tell the standard dialogue to your parents when they scold you for not having dinner when you decided to eat out with your friends without intimating at home -  ‘I never asked you to cook they why do the favour’. When you don’t meet their expectations and they remind you of how they have always fulfilled your demands/needs, you must have responded ‘Big deal that’s your job, that’s what parents are meant for or do’. When your parents bring you something and you say ‘Geez I didn’t want this you could have brought me the other one (or) who asked you to buy when you don’t know my choice. When you are on your mobile doing work or watching TV and your parent wants to speak with you, you lash out and say ‘God why don’t I have my privacy, will you be please let me be or leave me alone please’. In such instances, if you get a chance to say sorry in your lifetime it may be as a memory you will cherish since you got an opportunity to undo the wrong doing.

However, imagine when you are terribly busy making your career and your dad says ‘there is a nice place there we need to go there for coffee’ and you reply ‘not now latter’ and the next you know your dad has passed away and that ‘latter’ will never come, you can never forgive yourself. These words will haunt you for life. You will repent throughout your living days for not having spent that quality time with your father. There are many such instances I know off when people have said ‘I wish I never had a dad’ and next they know, god has answered their prayers! In such instances, the haunting with remain throughout your life till you take it to your grave.

Source: Google Images

They say beware of the tongue since it is boneless and has not limit to the harm it can cause. But if you train your tongue with your heart you could reduce the damage. The only thing that can save you from this torture is apologising. There is no better feeling than going back to the person who you have hurt and saying ‘sorry for what you said’ or ‘have done’ and meaning it from your heart.  Am sure you can do this much to save yourself from being haunted by your own deeds for life!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lonely in a crowd......

Humans are social animals...this is what they say. In layman terms then humans would constantly need people to be around them. But if you think seriously, there may be many instances in your life where you would prefer to get your corner seat at a resturant or a place in the garden, not seen to others, and just love to sit there alone. Have you every wondered that why the bathroom is the favourite place in many people's life? Its because this is where you get absolute solitude...i.e. MY TIME!
Am I different?

In my lifetime I have experienced that situations like these are usually crated by various factors, your attitude towards life, your work, your family or simply you. If you are primarily a reserved person, you will feel lonely even in a party since you think networking is not required or its simply trying to be a wannabe. If you have had a rough day at work, then a simple question like 'how was your day' by you mom could tick you off. So to avoid any clashes you prefer to abstain from any conversation..result you prefer being alone even when you are with your family. If you have prying relatives constantly interested in whats happening in your life, why are you not married, do you have a boyfriend or simply prefer to irritate you then you are alone even in a roomful of relatives. I am sure there are many such instances you could relate to but the question is this the right thing to do. 

Have observed that this is a common experience when you join a new place. You remain a stranger in your surroundings from quite sometime and that really kills you sometimes. Worst are the scenarios when you loath in inferiority complex. Sometimes you simply feel small for whatever reasons it - could be your beauty, your physique  your financial status your dressing sense anything. If you are fed-up of being lonely you could turn out to be a good submissive. So the big question is 'Is it better to cut off or wear a mask and put on your happy face and act normal?'

I did speak to a couple of friends about this and to my surprise all of them agreed that it is very important to have the 'MY TIME' to get some perspective. Wearing a mask depends on the requirement of the situation but may not always help. The 'MY TIME' helps you evaluate the emotions you are going through and answers some of your darkest questions. This however is applicable for grown-ups. With kids its a reason to worry since they are so full of confusion that often leaving them on their own could be dangerous. If you have  experienced such moments in your life it would be worthwhile if you could share. Your experience on how you dealt with it could help people overcome their apprehensions and maybe not feel LONELY in a CROWD!