Thursday, March 28, 2013

Haunted for life…..

If you think this blog is about a ghost then you are wrong! It occurred to me last night that we say/do so many things during our life, knowingly & unknowingly, that makes us regret for the rest of lives. These deeds or words of ours, although not literally meant, do not permit us to undo thereby scaring us till eternity.
I am sure many of you must have experienced this but I particularly remember this since I miss my dad a lot and there are some things that I said which I cannot undo and I wish to god I had not been so awful.  Our parents bear the brunt the most and so do our siblings.

I am sure many of you in a fit of anger tell the standard dialogue to your parents when they scold you for not having dinner when you decided to eat out with your friends without intimating at home -  ‘I never asked you to cook they why do the favour’. When you don’t meet their expectations and they remind you of how they have always fulfilled your demands/needs, you must have responded ‘Big deal that’s your job, that’s what parents are meant for or do’. When your parents bring you something and you say ‘Geez I didn’t want this you could have brought me the other one (or) who asked you to buy when you don’t know my choice. When you are on your mobile doing work or watching TV and your parent wants to speak with you, you lash out and say ‘God why don’t I have my privacy, will you be please let me be or leave me alone please’. In such instances, if you get a chance to say sorry in your lifetime it may be as a memory you will cherish since you got an opportunity to undo the wrong doing.

However, imagine when you are terribly busy making your career and your dad says ‘there is a nice place there we need to go there for coffee’ and you reply ‘not now latter’ and the next you know your dad has passed away and that ‘latter’ will never come, you can never forgive yourself. These words will haunt you for life. You will repent throughout your living days for not having spent that quality time with your father. There are many such instances I know off when people have said ‘I wish I never had a dad’ and next they know, god has answered their prayers! In such instances, the haunting with remain throughout your life till you take it to your grave.

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They say beware of the tongue since it is boneless and has not limit to the harm it can cause. But if you train your tongue with your heart you could reduce the damage. The only thing that can save you from this torture is apologising. There is no better feeling than going back to the person who you have hurt and saying ‘sorry for what you said’ or ‘have done’ and meaning it from your heart.  Am sure you can do this much to save yourself from being haunted by your own deeds for life!

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