Thursday, November 21, 2013

An ideal day of love for me would be….

Love has never happened to me…surprising but true! I still believe that love would make me weak in my knees…would overwhelm me…would give me a sense of fulfillment. But this has never happened…So if you think I am not good enough to write about LOVE, guess you are right. But I think I could definitely share my perspective of love or rather what my idea day of love would be for me…so here I go!

To be able to understand without being expressed, to feel beautiful in the eyes of your lover even if you are in your shorts and T-shirt, to able to feel the pain without experiencing it, to be able to have a conversation without talking, to be able to enjoy each other’s company even without saying a single word, to be able to love the mischief even though it is annoying and last but not the least to ACCEPT despite all the flaws is LOVE for me.

Having said this, a perfect day of love for me would begin with lazing next to my LOVE in bed and saying good morning with a peck without bothering about the plaque or bad breadth. This could follow with seeing a big bouquet of red roses on the bed with a post it (meet me at the balcony)  when I come out of the shower. Then sharing a big break-fast from one plate feeding each other, preferably on a balcony facing the sea! When I finish and go for a change (a beautiful dress in my wardrobe with I want to see you in this in the evening tag – and of course I love you written). Later, indulge in some good couple activities which gives both adventure and fun, although I would rather love to go on a yacht alone in the sea just the two of us, but since I don’t know to swim, I’d rather keep it on land ;)

An evening would be going for a good ride on a bike to a destination riding forever letting the breeze sink into my hair. But hey, it would be to a place where I love, a place where there are flowers around, a beautiful garden with a water fall or a pond with happy faces everywhere. We walk hand in hand on the paths in this garden laughing away and looking at happy faces. Sit on a bench snuggled in each other’s arms.  Leave when it is night fall. Slip in to the beautiful dress he gifted and go on a long drive to a place where we can see the clear sky and the moon light. Sit on the bonnet of the car and watch it with awe. We get into a conversation of how beautiful this is and he pops the QUESTION, I smile and say YES. 

In a nutshell, my ideal day of love would be when I find SOMEONE’s hand that FIT’S MINE. 

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