Thursday, November 21, 2013

Don’t need to get high to have FUN!

Booze, cigarettes, drugs are the personified habits of today’s youth to have fun. If not that then sharing some stupid videos or playing on gadgets have replaced good outdoor activities to have fun. Gone are the days when friends would meet-up play the  guitar, have some munckins share their experiences and sip Coke or Pepsi till the wee hours of morning and call it a FUN night spent with friends.

Looking at the changing trends I often feel like an era has passed by. Unless you are exposed to blasting music, drinks etc. no party is worthwhile not to mention the expenditure of atleast Rs.3000 for that one night of pleasure.  Not to mention the harm it does to our bodies and the repercussion it has on our work lives.

Imagine a day when you have all your friends around, you play all the games you played at kids, someone plays the guitar and all of you hum the song, play ‘truth & dare’ and make complete idiots of yourself, dance to your favorite movies, jive with your friends or teach them too and retire to bed thereafter. You will wake up more refreshed than ever in the morning and will be surprised at the joy you have in your heart.  If you indulge in activities like a barbecue or a campfire or an adventure sports or a trek, it could give you the high you cannot fathom. Although you may be living close to a sanctuary you will never feel like riding a bicycle and take some good clicks with your friends, or pack a picnic basket and plan a gateway with your friends. Its surprising again how the definition of having FUN has changed. I would love to re-live FUN in the true sense.

Do you think this could happen?

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