Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Someday..Someway ..Together we will be…

Destiny can bring together people living on opposite poles ..as friends..then lovers..then soul mates…its only faith that forces destiny to work its charm.
When you are single….never been in love, you often wonder has god created that someone special for you? As usual there is no answer from your gut. This uncertainty usually runs a shudder through my spine. However, somewhere in my heart I believe that its upto to me to want that someone so badly that nature has to send him to me. We will need to first meet..ignore or befriend each other. If we ignore then there should be multiple instances for us to met..and force to acknowledge each other. Hate each other if we have to ..but must have some emotional attachment..either love or hate.  Destiny has its beautiful course of giving you hints that ‘this is the person I choose for you’. Destiny is also kind enough to create situations in your life when you do realize this if you have missed it by any chance. The beauty of this entire drama is that you are being given a script..but you don’t know what is the end. You are given your part but you don’t know you are playing it. You have to play the emotions but it comes to you naturally…
Unknown are the ways you will meet your soul mate. Unknown are the ways you will realize. But it will happen. Small things will suddenly matter most to you.  You may purely ignore the first time you meet each other. The second time there could be some ‘side walk’ conversation. The third time you will develop eye contact. Gradually you would grow fond of that person to an extent that you wait in anticipation to speak or even get a glimpse of that person. You may force your self against it…try to avoid, ignore, be rude…but it wont work. The magic will soon engulf you and you will fall for each other for sure. Someday, someway..nature will bring you together!


  1. This is how I feel, now I have my soul mate. I totally connected with this one. The best line was that we have the script but we don't know the end.
    Keep writing, there is warmth in your words.

    1. Thanks Saru...i am still searching for mine..am sure he is somewhere..and someday i will meet him :)

  2. Amazing the visit was worth…

  3. It is so amazing and good…lovely blog….