Thursday, May 31, 2012

Let Live The Child in Me

You are as old as you think you are. Age doesn’t really matter. This has sure worked for me. Many of us loose our childhood somewhere while running in the rat race. We seldom forget that there is something called as ‘Me time’ which could as stupid as sitting on a swing in a park, making sand castles, playing hop-scotch, lagori, sakli, khoko, tug-of-war, hide-n-seek or simply dancing in the rain. Whether you like it or not, there is always a child in you that will make you do the silliest thing and give you a sense of immense happiness that you cannot fathom.

I remember not carrying an umbrella one day and to my dismay, it rained heavily that evening. Instead of enjoying the cool breeze and cold water gushing on my face, I was irritated. To add to my problems, I did not get a single rickshaw or bus from the railway station to my home. Therefore, I started walking home, which by the way is a 20-minute walk. 5 minutes into the walking and my mind started questioning me, why are you so grumpy? Have forgotten how happy you would feel as a kid to get wet in the rain? What is stopping you from enjoying every second of this moment? Are you wondering what people will think of you? At that moment, I realized that yes, maybe I am giving so much importance to what others think of me that I have forgotten how to live that moment. In a jiffy, I took of my shoes, removed the scarf from my head and started walking. A little ahead, I seen a puddle of water and did exactly what my heart told me….yes I jumped into the puddle splashing water all around. Gosh, it was so much fun. From then onwards, I made it a point to care ‘less’ about what the world thinks and do exactly what I want to do. This has changed my perspective towards life . I decided to keep the kid in me alive come what may. I enjoyed everything from playing enrolling for classical dancing which was my passion, learning with 4 year olds, playing holi with the kids using all possible techno colors, licking my fingers if the food was yummy………the list is too long to mention!

Another incident that is fresh in my mind is when I caught up with my school friends. The amazing bit was that we were back to being those cute teenagers, all in giggles, hugging and cuddling each other. Sharing whereabouts and all other information about all the chaps we knew. Decided to ‘sing’ a birthday song for our friend loudly. We were laughing throughout the evening and little did we realize that we were happy simply because we had unleashed the ‘kid’ in us.

Happiness is what makes every cell in your body vibrant. Happiness is when you play with you kid and laugh at their jokes ‘loud and clear’. Happiness is when you play oranges-n-lemon with your friends and they fight when they get caught. Happiness is when you don’t hesitate to lick your fingers while eating a mango even though you are wearing a professional attire. Happiness is when you don’t hesitate to climb up a tree and steal a mango even when your 30. If the kid in you is alive, your metabolism will always be at its peak. The child in you will always bring the ‘true and honest’ version of yourself. You will not have to make extra efforts to convince people about what you think or who you are. Live a happy fulfilling life, search for the child in you. I am happy coz I have still kept alive the child in me!


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  5. "Many of us loose our childhood somewhere while running in the rat race."

    Something is definitely loose... (Hint: It isn't the childhood)