Friday, May 4, 2012

Fun Time at the beach

If someone says, ‘Oh! You have got a wonderful tan’ to a person belong to a country obsessed with fair skin, it is not usually taken well since the interpretation is ‘you skin is looking awful’. This is one of the main reasons, why many of us refrain from enjoying a good summer afternoon on the beach.

I remember earlier on any such even where we have had a blast enjoying on the beach, my mother would keep a small bowl of besan-dhai for us to bathe. The reason is obvious Mumma’s perception - dark girls don’t get good boys! Today however, we should really thankful to the persistent effort of the R&D scientists working with cosmetic companies, we have wonder anti tan products, which have changed these perceptions. So don’t shy away. You want a testimony, I will give you one.

Last week I was at my hometown Mangalore. There are lush clean beaches with the whitest sand I have ever seen, Panamboor beach, Mulki Beach, Kapu Beach, Maple Beach to name some. I had the good luck of spending some time on each of the thankfully. By far the best experience was at the Mulki beach, which is less commercialized. We got into our shorts, packed our picnic bags with sandwiches, fruits, drinks and other basic necessities and rode off to the beach. What we didn’t know is our cousins had planned a fantastic playground for us. As we entered the lane to land on the beach, we were mesmerized by the beauty of the sea, the clear sky, the spotless beach shinning in the morning sun. The most amazing part was the small volleyball court created by my cousins. At the border of the court were some small mats neatly laid for the spectators. We were quite impressed must say. As we started settling down, we rubbed our skin with sunscreens & anti tan lotions and lay down on the mats to get as much Vitamin D as possible, a rare commodity for us city dwellers. After a while, I joined the gang to play volleyball and boy we had a blast.

We girls decided to go on a long stroll on the beach, and the boys decided to go for a swim. After a while the boys said, why don’t we take a stroll in the sea? I exclaimed ’What?” how in the world could we do that. However, we actually did. For a five feet five inches tall person, walking in five feet deep water is sure a suicidal mission. However, people, I actually did. Walking against the force of the waves, having big waves splash on your face and sometimes over your head is frightening. However, it felt fantastic!

When we decided to return to the shore, we realized that all the sun protection stolen by the seawater, we thought we would have got the darkest shade of brown on our skin. However, to our surprise, the tan could be hardly seen. I must say that if you really want to enjoy summer, go to a beach and chill!


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