Monday, May 28, 2012

Lovers meet but never mate!

They say love is a heart thing! When you know this is the person, a nerve in your heart simply stretches or relaxes for you to know Oh! I did feel something for him/her. Am I in Love? You must have come across people in your life fitting the description of your perfect match or should I say you would love to LOVE!. But…and there is a big BUT…you never end up spending the rest of your life with him/her. They just become the past...maybe a good or bad memory. I often think, if they were never meant to be then why god destines for us to us cross paths with them. Why did he show us a mirage that we could never have. Ideally, if this is the so-called perfect person at the surface who actually is a horrendous chap inside, it would have been a happy realization to ‘not have been with him/her’. But, if that is not the case, then why does god create this destiny where this person moves far and I mean very far from you. He/she seems like the moon, which brings light into the darkness of the night..but when reality hits, you simply can’t see it.
They say as you grow older your preferences change. And what are these so called preferences, wealth, persona, intelligence, physical appearances, pleasure, enjoyment..and many others. Surprisingly, every time your preferences change, you do cross paths with this perfect person.  However at that point, he/she seems unreachable. Worst sometimes you say something so foolish that even if he/she considers you, you blow the entire relationship, which could blossom into something beautiful.  I guess a case worst than this is you meet the person when you are sitting with the person you have decided to commit you life you. The dilemma you go through cannot be fathomed. The mental and emotional trauma is inevitable. What do you do then? Leave the person you know since a long time who may not be your lover but will be your mate through thick and thin? Or tell your heart, he/she may be my lover at the face of it but I am not sure. I’d rather be with the person who ‘I know in my head’ will lead the way when I am direction less, will give a shoulder to cry when I am distressed, will wipe my tears when I am in sorrow, will understand my needs even when I don’t share it. The conflict inside you will continue until eternity. However, you will never tend to get the answer. On the other hand, I have seen people who know that this person is right for me but never really have the courage to walk up to them and say that they do. The only fear is ‘rejection’. But, is rejection the only reason? It could be ‘ego’ ‘inferiority complex’ or sheer incapability to express their views. Sad part is no one really thinks about it and simple let the opportunity pass away. Luck are those people who marry the person they love, unlucky are those whose love ‘evaporates’ once they are committed.  But how would you categorise first those people who never accept or worst don’t know that ‘this is the person who I love’ and second those who don’t pay heed to the feelings of the people who they love simply because they have some fears that they cannot overcome.  It could be a bad experience or some preconceived notion. They never want to give that second chance and simple live at the mercy of fate. If they knew somehow that reciprocation is also ‘love’ there could be a chance of a beautiful tomorrow for them. Wonder when we sit at the prime of our life, would we be lucky enough to have that one person sitting next to us who we know is our lover. But we all know….there are only Ifs and Buts …since most of the time - lovers meet but never mate!


  1. It was a good experience to read the articles and contents on this site.

  2. Reading this article brought back old memories,which i wish i could erase out of my life,but...Alas!.About your article Naina,i feel today the senario has change quite a lot,as in,couples mate but sadly their hearts dont meet.I too have writen an article,do put up your views if you could spare some time.

  3. "nerve in your heart simply stretches or relaxes for you to know Oh! I did feel something for him/her." - dats a sign of a heart attack my dear... please go visit the doctor