Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy with my Single Status!

One thing that has always bothered me is why people are so interested in others personal life? Most probable questions you encounter with ; if you are single, when are you getting married?, if you are married – Oh! When are you giving us some good news?, if you have one child, when are you planning for the second?, if you have two girls, when are you giving a brother to your kids? If you are divorced, how are you planning to spend the rest of your life without a spouse? By the most hilarious questions asked to me is ‘Why such a beautiful girl is unmarried? You like guys right or is there a problem? Believe me in my mind I was virtually rolling on the floor laughing.
I am sure most of the unmarried girls my age face the same trauma day in and out with neighbors & relatives hovering around their lives. It often crosses my mind that why it so difficult for people to fathom the fact that a girl can lead a self sufficient & financially independent life without a boyfriend, husband, brother or father. She can really be happy! I agree that you need some emotional support but that is why you have families and friends. Why is getting married considered the only and ultimate goal for a woman to be happy and ‘SECURED’. Although I believe in the constitution of marriage, it is difficult to digest that you end-up spending the rest of your life with a person simply because your biological clock is ticking. It makes more sense to wait, fall in love and mentally accept a relationship. You will be amazed how everything falls in place like a jigsaw puzzle.
You know there are a many advantages of staying single. Simple things like reading a book and sipping coffee at a cafĂ© by yourself, walking in the rain without your shoes on, going for a long drive or treks, shopping, hanging out with your friends could bring you an immense sense of happiness. How many times do you get to spend time for yourself when you are in relationship? I mean think about it. You don’t have to be answerable for your whereabouts, the clothes you wear or mood swings. You don’t have to constantly bother about looking beautiful. Just imagine your life without any social obligations. Is’nt it absolute BLISS! This is what my life is at present and am professing that I am truly happy with my single status.
I often tell my friends that your status on facebook should always be ‘Single and ready to mingle’. Cheers!


  1. hi, I disagree with u on some things u enjoy like reading a ...... sense of happiness.. But all these can b done if u give enough space to each other once married. May not b always but can b possible..

    I m happily married person with 17years of experience. Even today I do Enjoy with my friends, like sitting on GOA beach and enjoyed the beuty (with wife and w/o wife... / doing night trek on one of the forts, mansoon picnic... etc.

    Once u start giving space to each other.. everything is possible..

    Live and LOVE life Kingsize...cheers

  2. dnt worry nd be happy :) live life as u want to live!!!!!!!

    chk mine
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  3. I truly agree with you Naina coz I'm a happy spinster :)

    village girl