Saturday, October 29, 2011

An Award winning letter from a Pedestrian Mumbaikar

I am Mumbai; I offer you wide roads, expressways, footpaths, road over bridges, and subways. When I give you all the means to make your travel a pleasant experience then why do you Mumbaikar’s always crib. You are free to share your complains by writing to me:

Me a resident of Mumbai grabbed this opportunity and wrote to Mumbai:

Dear Mumbai,

I am a Mumbaikar, an Indian who gives 33% of my annual income for the development of India. It is true that Mumbai has changed in leaps and bounds as far as the infrastructure is concerned. Thank you for the over bridges on the highway which give me a fantastic ‘esselworld’ experience every day when I travel to work. Not to forget the ‘water splash’ experience during the rainy season. The portholes get amazingly bigger by the day and have contributed significantly to the doctor’s income thanks to the increasing number of back pain and slip disc patients. Hats off to your dedicated support!

I also appreciate your consistent effort to create footpaths which are home for small vendors and road urchins. You contribution to increase the population of India, by giving home to destitute families with a minimum of six children each is commendable. The much more pleasant sight to see on the inter city roads. On a 40 feet wide road, 10 feet is utilised for the footpaths on both sides and another 10 feet for all the vehicles parked illegally on the road on both sides. Again you have made this a thriving business for people who pay and park. Since all the options to walk on the road are literally unavailable or limited I earnestly use the other infrastructure that is the over bridges & the subways. You have all species of humans living here, lepers, drug addicts, rapists, destitute woman and families’ disabled people and other homeless people. The environment here will definitely earn you a place on one of the international channel which finds immense pleasure in portraying India as an extremely poor country where the citizens find it difficult to make two ends meet or even wear clothes for that matter. You have been successful in making an average pedestrian’s life a living hell. Bravo! Mission accomplished.

I request you to please stop being so courteous and accommodating. Your humble nature will someday cost us our lives. If someday, a pedestrian will lose his cool, you will have to probably pay a heavy price to repay which my 33% will be too little.
Request you to please consider my honest request.

Humbly yours.

A Pedestrian Mumbaikar

P.S. Thought for the day - Walking is good for health. We must have heard it a zillion times. But the question is where?

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