Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Have we learned to live like cattle?

You know what I have just put a smile on every the face of person who had travelled by trains in Mumbai. Reason? This is what they experience day-in and day-out when they travel. I have actually expressed their feelings in one sentence!
Let me explain in detail. No matter how well dressed you are, this is what you see when the train arrives at the platform. First you tie-your hair up, hold you belongings close to your body, focus on positioning yourself in the most strategic location such that you can jump into the train when it has just started slowing down. If you are lucky, you could be the first one to get into the train and secure a ‘WINDOW SEAT’. But what if you are not a dare devil and want to climb in later? Well then the moment the train stops! You are herded into the train. Much to your amazement this process is automated. The eagles eye view looks like an invisible shepherd herded you into a pen. This is a standard site to see irrespective of the time in the day or night. It is an unsaid rule that if you want to enter the train with the intention to secure a seat for yourself or a stand near the door to enjoy the breeze, you must become an animal all set to attack.

You can see a similar sight at all the BEST bus stops as well. Interestingly, people do make queues before the bus arrives. However, when the bus reaches the stop, lo and behold, the queue is no where in sight. You will see people all set to tread over others to enter the bus. Objective is the same – secure seats in the bus or atlease get a comfortable place to stand.

I often ask myself do I need to put myself through this torture every single day of my working life? Mostly the answer is yes since spending 2+ hours on travelling to work by road simply seems more stressful. The train gives me the advantage to spend 40 minutes to reach my destination but forces me to be a part of the herd. In my blog I have just touched the surface. Will write more about the attributes of the herd, their classes and many more interesting facts. Till then cheers!

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  1. Travelling in train/bus is a nightmare. there is limit to the no. of cattles per coach when transported from 1 place to another but in Mumbai train SKY IS THE LIMIT. so u can people see inside the train/outside the train/above the train/bellow the train (in case of accident)

    last week i travelled by local train after a gap of 4 years in new german made swanky train but to my surprise.. in that train too people have done spray painting job. (No civic sense...????)

    Now BEST bus... which is one of the BEST transport services in India but now a days those are too crowded,less frequency..

    I personally feel that all this MESS is done by our senseless development happening around us without any co-ordination with development agencies.

    everybody is frustrated.. MUMBAI is DYING..

    And why are we all suffering because...... pl. tell me if u find out the ans.