Monday, October 17, 2011

My T-20

Inspired by one of my good friend’s blogs, I decided to list the T-20’s practiced in my life. Some of you could relate, some could disagree but
thought behind this is to simply list things that you practise your life that has made you what you are. You could 'maybe' change someone's life!
1. Pray & thank god at least once a day
2. Valuing your parents & telling them that you love them is…nice
3. Acknowledge good deeds and thanking everyone who has done something good for you is a nice gesture
4. Giving respect to everyone irrespective of cast, creed, colour or strata makes you human. Be humble
5. Motivate yourself everyday. Evolve and learn from everything around you and every event in your life will keep you 'alive'.
6. Accept feedback with a positive attitude..that is what learning is all about
7. Keep doing your work without any expectation…..people are always watching...your deeds will be notices and the rest will follow
8. Have some ‘my time’ in your diary
9. If others make a perception about you..don’t justify..continue being yourself…Truth will always prevail
10. No one pays your bills so don’t be obliged to others
11. Not being in a place where there is no respect for you is always better
12. Showcasing your life as an open book to everyone is suicidal!
13. Confiding in your parents is BLISS!
14. Being FAT is not a sin so go ahead and wear trendy clothes. The attitude to carry it will follow!
15. You can fall in love even at 100! so look your best and wear a smile everytime!
16. Pampering yourself once in a while mostly keeps you in high spirits
17. Exercising releases your happy hormones
18. Control your tastebuds. The size of your love handles depend on them
19. Never indulge in character assassination..some day you could be the topic in discussions
20. What comes goes around, do good..helping others without any expectations is always rewarded