Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Diary of a Teenager

God knows what is with these elders. Dear God could you please pound some brains into their heads. I mean, WTF they have these stupid unacceptable reason for everything. What is the harm in going out for a party with friends or calling them over. Is it a sin to booze a little, listen or groove to some music, fag and simply chillax with them? I mean OMG! Why does this become such a big issue and topic for family discussions. Seriously I think they need to grow up.

Dad/Mom – Iv grown up. I can take care of myself. You need to understand that I need my space FGS (for gods sake) I have my life yaar. Please O please stop giving me lectures. Don’t you get it. You don’t want to do things because its good or bad. Sometimes you want to do things simply ‘because you want to’ isn’t that a good enough reason for you. You have a problem with my clothes, my shoes, my hair and even my friends. I mean face it man, its today’s FAD it obviously won’t suit your age LOL! I have still to figure out why you gave me that long lecture on my cool torn jeans and the funky shirt that I purchased the other day. Do you have any clue which brand it is? I mean you guys don’t keep yourself updated. My friends tell me that I look cool actually, I am a trendsetter in my group. You can check my FB, twitter, BB…every single person will agree with me. O yeah whom am I speaking to.. that’s another issue that you have with me that we don’t speak. How do you think I can make time for you when I need constantly be on chat with my 500+ friends. I am too busy in the evenings since I have to catch-up with my friends for coffee. They need my time. You should understand na. Still don’t know what is so important about having family dinners..same old sorry saga. For gods sake, dal, rice, roti is not food. Our lives need not intersect everytime. They are different. It is OK if we don’t speak for weeks despite being in the same house, it’s OK to spend 500 bucks on a coffee and sandwich, I must posses the latest gadget that comes into the market. You don’t get it do you? You want me to grow but don’t provide me with the equipments that how the hell am I supposed to achieve things in life. You have to provide me with things, I mean that is your duty isn’t it?

Lets face it Mom/Dad. There is life after college. Life is not all about making a career or simply studying. You need to understand that life is more about becoming an engineer or a doctor. Horizons have expanded please o please don’t stereotype me. I WANT TO BE ME!

I hope you understand me, my wants, my needs coz you simply dont understand my problems and have not time for me.

Parent - What do I do with you? Phew!

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  1. This young KID will understand the feeling of this parents once he become father. There is TIME to pound some brains on THESE brainless KIDS