Monday, October 31, 2011

Looking beautiful today – Is it love or dove!

I loved this punch line. Being using dove soap fan since I was little, my loyalties are with this brand. My uncle used to get us Camay soaps from Dubai every year. We had no option but to use a ‘super scented’ soap since he used to get cartons of them. Things changed when this one time he brought us a carton of dove soaps. This was when the product was not even launched in India. It was love at ‘first use’ for me since it made me glow, glowing & radiant as my inner self.
The natural moisturizer that this little wonder soap is, it leaves that lingering softness of your skin makes you feel like a princess. So when dove was launched in India, the obvious choice was to opt for it. Again, completely satisfied with the skin care products, I decided to use most of the dove products. My experience so far has been great. Whenever someone looks good, I tell them looking beautiful today – is it love or dove. This usually brings a bright smile on their face. For me this question works well since I always have an answer. Its always been Dove!


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