Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Don’t Know, Unsure, No Idea

What do you do whenever you are faced with uncertainty? Do you live at the mercy of destiny, do you blame god? Do you blame yourself for the situation you are in? Alternatively, do you console yourself that things will get better? It is very strange but people have given me mixed reactions when they are faced with this situation in their lives.
It is easy to react when you battling tough times. The pessimists usually begin getting used to the situation and hope for the worst without really doing anything about it. However, day-in and day-out they do not miss a wink to curse god or their destiny. The optimists keep striving and wading through the tough times hoping for things to turn better by the day. However, what do you do when you have no clue about where you will be or what you will be doing? It is understood that the future is unknown however, take a hypothetical situation where you are working in a particular organization, which has a good progress plan in place, and you know that you will be employed with the organization doing a particular work. Now imagine yourself working at a place where everything was going fine and suddenly thanks to the various changes or changing economy, some decisions are taken where your future seems uncertain. Although ambitious plans are put in place, your role or your position is not defined or clear. What do you do?
I am sure people go through these situations in their personal lives as well. Recently, I saw a serial where the husband of a very close-knit family was actually found to be a serial killer. The family had no clue about his dark side and thought of him to be the most loved husband and father. Suddenly, one day their future, which seemed so secure and great was engulfed with uncertainty. The most respected family in the neighborhood is shunned for life. There was so much of uncertainty and I shudder to think if something like this happened to someone in reality. The thought to ponder on was the lives of the family belonging to the security officials who live is uncertainty forever during emergencies. At a local level families of people travelling by local trains in Mumbai where the probability to being thrown out of the train is 2 on five or that of being blown to bits in a bomb is once in two years have learned to live at the edge.
I often think are we prepared for this. Again, for myself I am not sure. Are you?


  1. Life is full of is upon you how you take it forward

  2. But what if you are at crossroads and don't really know what to do? Should you take any path that is in front of you? how do you decided