Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Soul Mates…..

My mum always says that dad is her ‘soul mate’. Never really understood what she meant by that though when I was younger. Probably because we always associate a husband, lover, boy friend in short people of the opposite sex or for that matter, your parents or siblings for whom you are ready to die for as your ‘soul mate’. However, over a period, I have realized that a ‘soul mate’ is nowhere related to blood relations, love or intimacy….surprised? Well thought of sharing a good examples maybe then you could identify who your true ‘soul mate’ is.
In Mangalore, a city in Karnataka, a simple girls Sharadha went for an interview. There were a slew of people waiting to be interviewed. Since this was her first interview, she was a bit nervous, her anticipation grew as she seen the disgusted look on the faces of the people coming out of the interview room. Just as she was about to get up and leave, a young chap came running into the lobby and sat right beside her. He was gasping for air, she offered him water. Muttering something to himself, he took a sip of water and then thanked her. They sat next to each other for 15 minutes without giving each other even a glance. Finally Suraj, the guy, broke the ice and told Sharadha that he had just come from his third interview . Stunned Sharadha asked him ‘Third? Gosh how did you manage, aren’t you like tired or something?’ to which he replied, ‘I am in need now therefore have to always be in high spirits & expect the best . We are at the beginning of our careers its just about getting the foot in, rest will follow’. Sharadha was quite impressed. She told herself what the heck, I will give the interview. Later, both were interviewed and rejected as well. Both shared their numbers and then went their separate ways. Now whenever, Sharadha was down or depressed, she would speak to Suraj. He was one person she would turn to if she needed advice or boost up her morale. Whenever Suraj wanted to share something or discuss work, it was always Sharadha. The relationship bloosmed so well that they developed some sort of a telepathy for each other. They were always there for each other. Surprisingly, they did not meet even once after that interview. Even today, both are happily married to their respective spouses, but whenever they need any help or assistance, they are there for each other. They both admit that they never loved each other but knew that in the whole wide world if there was someone who would come to their rescue, it was either of them……is this what you call being a ‘Soul Mate’?


  1. Perfect definition of soul mate. No romance or intimacy needed to be a soul mate :)
    Beautiful post, thanks for sharing this story :)

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  2. Great one ....loved it.... very pure definition of Soul Mates

  3. Thanks Burhan, blessed are those people who find their soul mates!