Monday, November 14, 2011

Ande mein kheema an absolute feast for a foodie!

I remember being invited to my friends house for dinner where I kept looking at this snack which looked so yummy that I wanted to dig into it the moment I laid my eyes on it. This was what she called 'Ande mein kheema'i.e. boiled egg stuffed with kheema. I prepared the dish myself at home with a little bit of variation and re-named it 'Shyam Savera'.It was a very simply dish but am sure it will regin over anyone's tastebuds for life.
I make kheema the regular way but ensured that it was super dry. Then I took some hard boiled eggs scooped out the yolks & mashed them together with the kheema. Now I took some boild potatoes & added some green chutney into it along with some salt & dry roasted jeera powder, mashed it well & kept it aside. Now i took the egg whites of the boiled eggs, stuffed it with the kheema, then made a thick coating of the potato mixture and made it look like an egg. Then i dipped it in well beaten eggs, rolled it in bread crumbs & deep fried it till golden. Served it with mint chutney...and walah! Shyam Savera is ready to serve....

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  1. Hey I'm a veggie, who has eggs and your dish sounds so tempting, will try with soya or paneer stuffing for sure!
    All the best. A suggestion though, add some pics of your dish if u can.