Thursday, November 24, 2011

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall……

Whenever you see people fall, what do you do? Sympathize with them; give them a lending hand or atleast call for help. Do you know what I do, I LAUGH hysterically. I often feel ashamed at my reaction, but simply cannot help it since my entire biology reacts naturally in that way. Does that make me a sadist? Does this make me a low-lying life? Does this mean that I have not humanity left? These questions keep hounding me. Therefore, I decided to unravel the truth behind my instant reaction to this and guess what the truth was astounding.
When I discussed this with one of my professor, he suggested that there could be various theories. Some could be related to an incident in my past, which triggered funny memories because of which I laugh. The other theory could be probably since I have a photographic memory, where I am able to visualize or relate the incident to a very funny episode, my natural instinct or reaction is to laugh. Therefore, I began addressing the problem by first understanding ‘what do I do when I see someone fall’. It is really funny but imagine you having a call out in your head just like Laxman’s cartoon where you see humpty dumpty (as a cartoon figure) falling exactly the same way the person has fallen and developing a big ‘lump’ on his head. This is what happens to me whenever I see someone fall and guess what the laughter follows instantly. Therefore, I know the truth now and I can safely say I am HARMLESS and very much HUMAN.
Thought of sharing some instances where I have laughed my guts out.
During college, few of my friends were walking down the stairs at the railway station when one of my friend slipped and fell few steps. The funny part was she did not tumble but fell on her bottom and slipped four steps. I couldn’t help but laugh my life out. It’s a different thing that my friend gave me one tight whack after that. We are still good friends though.
I used to share a workspace with another college at my earlier organization. This was when he was a new joiner and I used to seldom speak to him. He used to occasionally ask me for help, IT related, and I used to help him out too. He had this nasty habit of leaning back on his chair when he used to read intensely, and I mean lean dangerously. Therefore, one day I was busy with my work and I heard a thud! When I turn to him, guess what I see, two feet in the air. I mean imagine the sight, an five feet ten inches tall, 85 Kg man lying on the floor with his feet up in the air. Gosh! that was the sight to see. Being the person that I am, I started laughing so much that I found it difficult to extend a helping hand to him. Somehow, I did and after he got himself together, and got a chair to sit on, I ran to the rest room. I was stuffing my dupatta into my mouth to prevent myself from laughing. I confess that I felt like a pathetic sadist that day. However, I really really felt sorry for that person.
I often think, Does anyone in the world behave like this? Is this normal? My professor says it’s absolutely normal, you are a good person. It’s just that some funny memory that triggers your reaction, ‘So don’t worry’. Just try moving away from the scene since the possibility of you being beaten-up is higher if you laugh.

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