Monday, November 7, 2011

Two hours a day? Enough to Educate the world in a Better Way

Conserving your energy & time and utilizing them in the most effective manner is the biggest challenge we face in our day-to-day life. One among the challenges we face is the freshness of our clothes. Accept it or not perfumes and deodorants are not good if you have to travel through pollution, or crowded modes of transport. You can take care of your skin & hair but wearing a bandana or scarf. You could even protect your feet by wearing socks or protect your leather shoes by coating it with a layer of petroleum jelly. However, what can you do to protect your clothes is a question we have preferred not to answer. So the maximum time is taken up by laundry since I have to soak the clothes, then wash them in the machine, after they are rinsed I have to rinse them again in bucket of perfumed liquid to look and smell good….two hours of my day are down the drain. Phew! I have often thought that if I had these two hours, I could definitely contributed to make the world a better place to live.
Thanks to the cutthroat competition, children have stopped understanding the concepts and prefer mugging it up. Their reasoning power has gone from bad to worst. If had those two hours, I would create short videos of simple ways to help students understand concepts. Parents could use this as well who regularly teach their kids. For example in mathematics if you understand what is given, what needs to be found and apply the formula (which is usually related to what needs to be found) life could be so much easier for students. Alternatively, help the student understand how to understand and remember the complex formulas of chemicals in chemistry. This will be a website or blog site will be purely for students and will be free of cost.
Imagine the difference I could make in the life of students who cannot afford to enroll for expensive tutoring classes but have the capability to make it big. Imagine the places across a country like India you could reach through this initiative. Moreover, parents who want to spend quality time with their children but do not have time to go through the books, could use this as a ready reckoner by them thereby saving a lot of their time. The interesting result is the bonding between them, which seldom happens these days. If as a parent you can make the life of your child easy, they will obviously reciprocate.
If I create one video per day, I could have 365 videos per year. Every student could login and educate himself at the click of a button. I am literally enthralled with the thought that being a part of this initiative will help me create a generation of efficient & intelligent educated youth rather than simply educated ‘degree holders’.
But ..sigh! only if I get some time off from my household chores.

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  1. A very heart warming post. Investing in education rather than investing in college is the need of the hour. Best of Luck. Do check out my post too. Aye Zindagi!