Thursday, December 22, 2011

Give me a reason to smile…

There are some days in life when you decide to look back and realize the mistakes you have made, the people whom you have lost, relationships you could have had and wondered what they would have been like today…and many more such instances. If you realize that the losses weigh more than what you have gained today then suddenly the world looks like a dark hole to you. Suddenly you are happy no more, you are not happy in others happiness, you shun yourself for taking that one wrong decision…during such lows you just lookout for one reason to smile.
Finding is hard? You bet! This could completely takeover you even if you are stepping into a party in the next few moments after the ‘happy realisation’ occurs. The feeling is awful, you heart feels heavy. You feel terrible, you want to cut-off; you would want to run away or simply go on an eating spree. So many adverse things that could cause lifelong damage to you. At such a moment, you need to look out for that one reason to smile that will rule over your ‘low life’ feelings and take you to another level. Again, everything boils down to whom or what can give me a reason to smile?
When you come across such a situation when you find every other person in the world living a blessed life and you are empty handed despite having thought well for others, despite having lived to every expectation of the loved ones, despite having being good, just and honorable..Then what do you think of which will give you a reason to smile. I know that being around kids is like being on a different universe altogether...but what if you don’t have yours? What if you don’t have that one person in your life who loves you for what you are? What if you see people who have led disgusting dubious lives, people who have been unjust, cruel and surpassed all limits of humanity living in pomp and joy, do you feel cheated? Do you feel like becoming one of them? Do you question whether god is THERE? What do you do to tell yourself then? Do you question your morality? We all know that if we get an assurance that we have led a fulfilling life we will get a reason to smile. However, what if we don’t? Could someone please give me a reason to smile?


  1. Common thoughts of the people penned down by you beautifully.want to write more but as a first time visitor of your blog, want to limit myself. Overall nice observation and your feeling appeal to mass. Keep the rhythm going and keep writing.

    See I am leaving a comment on your post. Isn't it a reason enough to smile:)

  2. You have indeed made me smile :) Thank you.