Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tis the season to by joyful…talalalalal…Happy Christmas everyone

The season of joy, happiness is on the onset. It’s lovely to see shops selling Christmas decorations, and sweetmeats at every nook and corner of Bandra. Every year I make it a point to buy my nieces Christmas gifts, the joy of doing this is something I can never fathom. This year I have seen a lot more accessories to add up to my Christmas presents especially the antler hair bands…they are so cute!
Christmas has always been close to my heart. My immediate neighbors being goans, Christmas was always a festival we celebrated with equal pomp and job just like Diwali. We would help our neighbors in cleaning their houses; prepare sweets such as kalkals, newaris, toffees, cakes, marzipans etc. Moreover, making the crib and decorating the Christmas tree were few wonderful tasks we loved. We would have Christmas parties organized usually held on the terraces of our buildings where one uncle or aunty would dress as Santa and distributes gifts and goodies. We would also sing Christmas carols some of which I remember even today. Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Jingle all the way……Tis the season to be joyful….. Silent night….Oh! I so cherish those memories so very much.
Even after so many years, the enthusiasm has not died down. I love it when kids believe in Santa. They actually write down their wish-list in the letters, put up their stockings and hope that they are forgive for all their misdoings & get their gifts. Best the sight to see is when they open their gifts…it is heartwarming. I try to re-create this aura of enthusiasm everyday and re-live my childhood. Would love if I get my gifts too though!
Another reason why I love this season so much is the transformation of certain places in Mumbai during this season. It’s a sight to see on Hill road Bandra during Christmas. Perpetually every outlet showcases party outfits (for new year), puts up lovely decorations & promotional offers in addition small stalls selling Christmas decorations ranging from shiny Christmas balls, Christmas trees, candy sticks oh! Is such a pleasure.
Really wish that that we have many more such joyful moments……

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