Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Eye for an eye tooth for a tooth….

Remember the ancient situation, you are of marriageable age but unmarried, it seems like the whole world has only one question to ask. ‘When are you getting married?’. In my situation though, the questions are much worse than you can imagine. ‘Do you want to get married?’’What? other than your career is there anything else on your mind, how about marriage?’’Are! enough now get married’. The most hilarious one was ’Hope you like guys?’.Fed up with these questions, I decided to go on an ignore mode sometimes or simply smile and walk away.
There is one such incident though that has edged in my mind since I realized that I could really speak some sizzling hot words such it would seem that the other person is struck by lightening. One day when I was returning back from work I met this lady who I know. She was chatting with some other ladies and happened to see me from the corner of her eye. I thought it would be best to evade these gossip mongers. But and a big BUT…this lady intercepted me and asked the wretched question. What? You don’t want to get married or what? you don’t want to get married or what? Age doesn’t wait for anyone, don’t keep too many reservations or else ‘gaadi nikal jayegi’. Now this lady whose daughter was in a live-in relationship, got knocked up and then got married had the obesity to ask me this question. With lightening speed, I replied, ‘What to do aunty? I don’t have the guts like some girls have to get into a live-in and deliver a 8 pound healthy baby six months after my marriage. Gosh you should have seen her face. It was like lightning struck her. Never again did she ever ask me that question. I know that my reaction was a topsy-turvy version of my upbringing, but when someone gives you a wound and rubs salt-n-pepper on it, the reaction is natural.
This was by-far the fieriest answer I have given anyone!


  1. LOL I would say that was pretty cruel on your part. She was probably trying to be concerned about u... :D

  2. Hehehe...u know I am in d same boat n completely understand these social gossip mongers dont have any work on earth.

    V good answer, bloody they deserve the treatment.

    Wish u all d v best for d same.

    God Bless!

  3. :D... a proper knifey answer... knifey - i made that up.. but that was pretty sharp...

  4. You used the wrong word in your sentence. It is supposed to be audacity and not obesity in the sentence - "....then got married had the *obesity* to ask me this question..."