Friday, December 23, 2016

Eyes don't Lie

Words spoken are what the mind says
Poems are what the heart says
A glance a look without a word spoken can help you fathom the depths unheard off
Do you then believe in what you just saw or was it your heart wanting to see it?
Questions unanswered but worth the thought will always pay is what they say
Eyes don’t lie, they speak in volumes learn to listen, learn to see what they want to show
The warmth in the look is a sign they care, they follow you everywhere
They skip a beat if you are in trouble and smile when you are happy in your bubble,
Remember these are the eyes of the one who for you can bring down the skies only for you
The coldness in the look is a sign of indifference, they don’t really care
They heave a sigh when you are away and smile when you are in pain
Why do you still search for the warmth when the coldness is inside-out, you need to learn to let-go without a doubt
The scared look is a sign of a lair who loves to cheat you
They know you care and are happy they fooled you
Why then you still believe?  You need to be happy to let go, after all its important to relieve
It’s important to beware of actors, and boy aren’t there a million out there
It’s important to differentiate between actions and the look
His actions may say something so good you want to see and hear
But his eyes say far more, fathom the depths of his eyes, tell him you know that

 Eyes don’t lie, they speak in volumes and youv learnt to listen, learnt to see and now you know!

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