Sunday, November 1, 2015

Just before the eyes met!

Technology has changed the way relationships work…. We also know the simple math. First the eyes meet..If the eyes say ‘Yeah I think he/she is good/attractive I think I should just speak to him/her’ you take the first step. This is followed by a general chat, some initial outings, compatibility test (wow the karmic connection we all want so much), love (if it happens) and then the next crucial life making/destroying (laugh!) decisions and so on and so forth… Needless to say it’s the physical presence, the expressions, the laughter, the anguish, the fights that help you make this relationship but the underlying message is ‘Everything begins with when YOUR EYES MEET!’

Today however the math has reversed?! First your mind has to give that message to your fingers ‘Accept that Request’ ‘Send that Request’! Then the conversations begin…you chat and chat and chat…all your expressions are virtually transmitted through your smilies & other graphics. Then when you type something and the other person says ‘Shoot I was gonna ask you the same question and you answered (or) wow you are not going to believe this! I was just gonna type out the same….walah! You believe that it is a karmic connection…gradually you tend to say ‘Let’s just chat over the phone’ that’s when you hear the voice….and you like it J you decide hmmm not bad! Then since you have already liked the chats (virtually) the telephonic conversations get better (not necessarily) you tend to understand the person more with his/her voice modulations and try just TRY to understand the person with this…gauge whether is he/she really interested, is this merely a trial and error…is this person genuine…Interestingly if things go the way you wanted and/or you are a person who just wants time to decide whether this is good or no you continue.... Gradually you realize that this person becomes so important to you that you start doing things you have never done before….like make time as you know he/she will call, ignore your friends and keep chatting or keep checking your phone when there is a notification, WAIT at odd hours for one message from him/her, probably stop right in the middle of the road in your car just to take the call, or sit out of your house in your car in the middle of the night and speak…..and many such things you have never ever done….WHY IN THE FREAKING WORLD YOU DO IT? YOU SIMPLY DONNO!

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So you have somewhere touched the heart of someone sitting somewhere in the world...and that makes you feel good..scared...apprehensive...and name all the adjectives that describle...'GOD LET THIS BE TRUE PLEASE!' 

now when indeed this happens...Distance doesn’t matter, time doesn’t matter, work doesn’t matter. You just flow with the wind and accept whatever is in store. Worst it makes you a person you never were especially when you know that you are supposed to hear but you don’t and you go all paranoid…which you usually DON’T…and you ask yourself ‘what the heck?!’Why in the freaking world did I do that…I have never behaved like this ever before? Then you are in a dilemma…on whether to step back or take the step forward since you are OBVIOUSLY giving the wrong message to the other person…How do you explain this? What do you do is something you will never know…and probably you will never be able to reason or understand as well…therefore CHUCK IT! Just forget it and move to the next day..if it is business as usual GOOD if not speak reason out and then decide the steps forward….

So now moving on to the conclusion of the math..I mean it’s obvious that something plus something must give you an answer right! Your eyes have to MEET coz that’s when TWO PATHS FATED TO CROSS COULD CULMINATE TO ONE STORY OR OTHERWISE! I always wonder in such cases what will cross the person’s mind when their eyes finally meet!!!!
Waiting to see JAB THE EYES MEET ….story to be contd.

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