Wednesday, May 20, 2015

When Sand slips through your fingers…….

A uncomfortable feeling lingering in my thoughts..
Wondering what did I do wrong to deserve this
A simple life is all I dreamt of, was that too much to ask…
When you know technically you may have got what many people did’nt
But in reality that was far from what you wanted....
I lived my life completing tasks on task
Never questioning the lows and difficulties
Then why God! why did you give me everything but yet I have nothing!
Wondering what did I do wrong to deserve this
Watching the world moving ahead…especially the slow ones
When you always knew you were the fastest horse in the race
Makes you want to jump of the cliff and fall free
But respecting the life given to me makes me strong and helps me see life in it’s face!
How long will I live, How long will I survive is something I cannot say
But I pray to you dear God, give me the courage, give me the faith
I want to live my life and live it! despite all odds...

Not tighten a grip on it as I feel sand slips through my fingers…..

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  1. Lovey lines Naina :-)
    Cheers, Archana -